Condolences from Malta Mourning Community Shelley Tayar

Dear Family (the whole world) of Beloved Abba Dunner, you must be blssed to be related to “Abba”

The news hit us here in Malta as a shock. Rabbi Abba Dunner who had the talent of making every one he talked to feel so important and at the moment of approaching him he made everyone searching his help feel welcome and wanted.

He was so busy and he took on more and more both individual and community problems and he really helped or put one in touch with those who can help.

He changed ones world by moving us so much closer to HAKadosh Baruch Who, with G-d directing him he solved problems in the four corners of the world. His name was Abba and he “fathered” with kindness, gentleness and empathy.

One of the 36 Zadikim who prop up this world He leaves behind the trail of his glowing spirit and a memory that he expected us all to follow his Path Tehiye Nishmato Zerura Bizror Hahayim. May you never know more sorrow.

From Malta Mourning Community, Shelley Tayar

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