Baruch Dayan Emes


While I did not have the good fortune to know R”Aba personally,over the years I heard my late Zaide R”Herman Neuberger sing his praises.

The myriad of good deeds and responsible askonos that R”Aba did over the years is well known,but I was most impressed with a fairly recent incident that R”Aba was involved in and showed what true leadership and responsible askonos is all about


One of the people that the Chofetz Chaim admired  most was the “Malbim”. He felt that since the Malbim devoted his most productive years  to write  his perush on Tanach in order to combat Maskilim, in the eyes of the great Chofetz Chaim, such an mammoth undertaking was extremely praiseworthy. R”Aba’s recent battle (which was totally Lshem Shomayim) against  those who under the guise of trying to fix a problem but in actuality were evil people looking for prestige and control is reminiscent (in my humble opinion) of the battle the Malbim faced. R”Aba’s courageous battle against those who tried to sully his name and cause him embarrassment was something that all G-D fearing Jews should be proud of

May Hashem bring give his family comfort and may his children and grandchildren appreciate his wonderful legacy