Baruch Dayan Emes

Condolences from Shellet Tayar

Dear You All

Zecher Zadik Livracha, I too was devastated by the passing of Rabbi Dunner zichrono levracha.

Rarely does one meet one of the 36 Zadikim on whose shoulders this world is said to perch. He did so much for so many Jewish causes and communities and still live and further its Zionist aim, but personally I met Him, the most modest Rabbi Abba Dunner who elegantly managed to give the impression it “it is so wonderful to help, to be asked to help and to boost moral of small Jewish Communities Around…”

Rabbi Dunner made one feel important and full of energy. He was somebody in power you could turn to any time and get help.

HE IS A GIGANTIC LOSS TO THE Jewish People, but personallytoo, I hope his many blessed progenies will follow in his footsteps.

Shellet Tayar

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